Bragging vs. Owning

I decided to make my first blog post on this topic because it is very easy to write about because I used be a Bragger, now I am a Owner.

It’s natural for people to share. Everybody shares, whether its on social media, or in person. Most people these days have a Facebook and Twitter, in which they follow or friend another person to see what they post, and your friends see what you post. Even simply telling your parents about your day is sharing. Sharing lets other people know who you are and what you do. It’s also very unhealthy to keep  everything bottled up. Although there are different ways of sharing, this blog post will focus on two similar types of sharing; bragging and owning.

Bragging and owning are two very different concepts. Bragging is conceived as negative. Braggers show off their accomplishments and achievements in a way that makes people jealous. For example on twitter, a person who won an Emmy Award posted:


(#ez and #whatever to show how they had won many awards and it is not a big deal to them.)

Braggers have this bad personality because they need to compensate for their low self-esteem. They want to shadow their negatives by showing off their positives. It’s not their faults. If you know a bragger, they can change. Just tell them what’s up and they’ll understand.

On the other hand, owning is different in many ways+. Owning is just informing your peers and letting them know what you do and what you’ve accomplished. Also, owning is building self and identity. Typically, people see others by their accomplishments. When someone asks me about Bob, I tell them that he is athletic because he is on the football team and that he is caring because he volunteers at homeless shelters. Examples of a Owner:


(“I couldn’t do it with out the support my fans” is very humble.)

People who own their accomplish are very humble about it. They have no intention of bragging and making people jealous.

I hope this blog post informed everyone the differences between the two.

Think about it,



2 thoughts on “Bragging vs. Owning

  1. Dustin,
    Great job on paralleling the differences between being proud of one’s achievements and boasting. You mention in your post that braggers show off their accomplishments in a way that makes other people jealous, yet I think jealousy resides in human nature- it’s natural. As humbling as the person may of been when explaining their achievements, I would still be jealous, regardless, of whether they were bragging or owning up to their own greatness. Either way, I wrote a blog post a while back about jealousy and bitterness that I think strangely fits alongside your blog post:
    Also, you mentioned you’ve changed as a person. How so? And for what reasons?

    Happy pondering,



    • Katrya,
      Thanks for reading! When you said that jealousy is natural to humans, I completely agreed, but a better word would be envying. Envying is more like wanting to be like someone else, but not thinking negatively about that person.

      Also to answer your question, I changed as a person because I used to brag about my accomplishments and my cool toys and bikes throughout middle school. It was really bad! I remembered talking down on someone I didn’t like: “Hey i just got 1st place in my piano recital, what are you doing?” I realized how ugly of a personality it was so i completely changed. I’m much different in high school now.

      Finally, thanks for sharing you blog post. It was great and i think it’ll help me if I am ever i’m that situation.

      Think about it,



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