Reading, a pastime or a chore?

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I used to hate reading. On my free time, rarely did I go read for fun, and the only book I read was the one assigned to me at school. A lot of people are just like me. I’d say about 9/10 high school students do not read for fun. WHY!? Because of teachers. Reading is supposed to be fun! “An escape from reality,” says 1/10 of the students who do actually enjoy reading. But how can we have fun with reading, when teachers make it a chore.

No one can possibly enjoy reading when teachers turn it into work. First off, teachers assign reading logs, to make sure students finish a required amount of reading each day. I mean, come on! Every student has different reading paces and everybody hates homework! Also teachers assign boring books that students can’t read for more than 30 minutes without falling asleep. I don’t blame teachers for assigning it because it is a requirement for students to read certain books for college readiness. In addition, there will be lots of homework and students will most likely take a test on the book (that they will study for 4 hours for,) complete a project, or write a 60 page essay on the book. My old friend in one of my classes in high school, said that he used to read all the time, but when he go into school, he had little to no time to read any books he liked because he was too busy reading the assigned book in his English class.

Not only is assigned reading in schools a problem, but some people hate reading in general! My friend can’t stand reading because he believes it is boring and takes a long time. But, what he didn’t know is that he didn’t like reading novels. One of my smartest teachers in high school, once told me that “If you got a note from a girl you liked, you would read it over and over again.” So everybody likes reading, it just varies from what genre you like to read (mystery, action, biography) or what type of book you like (graphic novels, poetry, novels.)

Think about it,


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One thought on “Reading, a pastime or a chore?

  1. Anybody can throw a basketball. However, if anyone want to know how to play and play it well, he or she must learn from a coach. This fact also applies to reading. Reading requires complex skills. These skills can be learned from no others than our teachers. Just likes basketball coaches, our teachers give us assignments (drills) to practice and encourage us to dedicate our time to learn the basics, i.e. vocabularies. It may seem tedious but what else is not? Reading may be for you or may not. Just like basketball,you might like it or you don’t.

    Any for those who think learning how to read is a chore, try to learn how to play piano.


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