About Me Thursday: Hypocrisy

I was coming back from school in the car when It had occurred to me how hypocritical I am (I wasn’t being a hypocrite at the moment, it just popped up in my head.) This is one of the many bad habits I have. So far I am not fully classified as a hypocrite, but its definitely there and it’s going to grow worse if I don’t make an effort stop it.

Some life examples:

First of all, I am very bossy. For example, I am particularly bossy when it comes to group projects. When I used to be assigned to group projects for classes to make a power point or video, I would usually do 70% of the work. Was this a bad thing for me during the time? No , because i was a complete control freak. I loved taking lead in the projects, but I was a horrible leader because I didn’t distribute a fair amount of work to everyone, and when It came down to the ideas, uncommonly did I consider someone else’s. Sure they could add some small things, but if I didn’t get complete control over things, than I would get really stressed out. Ok I went a little off topic because I need to get that out of my system. Back to what I was saying, I was really bossy so i would boss people around. I was actually really good at it! I bossed them around in a way where they would always do what I say (I wasn’t making them go out to get me coffee, just asking them to look up info or something around those lines.) But when it came to the part where I get bossed around by higher authority, I would get so reluctant to do it. Also, I used to text really cute girls. They were way out of my league so they didn’t always respond. However, now, when my friends text me, I would just see it and ignore it. IT IS BAD. Literally 5 minutes ago, I got 3 texts from my friends and I just didn’t bother to look at it. And when I do reply, its only in 1-4 word responses. I really don’t like this habit. It’s either because i’m lazy, or I could be doing something more important.

bossyBeing a hypocrite isn’t exactly being annoying or weird, its more of a horrible habit  that can be prevented, rather than a personality. I don’t know why you may be a hypocrite, But my case resulted from me trying to change my personality or habit. Let’s just say that Jimbob called me obnoxious. I don’t want to be obnoxious so I would always be checking myself to and make an effort to not be like that. But when I see someone who is obnoxious, I would most likely call that person obnoxious. This is because I am trying really hard to get rid of that personality that i don’t like. But remember that I still have some hints of obnoxious-nous. I know its confusing so I wrote an equation:

Me(trying not to be obnoxious but still is still a bit obnoxious) calls someone someone else (obnoxious) = Hypocrite

Think about it,


*This was a really genuine post, more About Me Thursdays coming soon!*



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