Internet Favorites

The internet is a pretty rad place. “The internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” says Bill Gates. Do I really need to explain? Obviously it is used to connect and share with other people and for news and entertainment. Everyone knows facebook and youtube, but it’s a pretty big place, so I’ll show you a few of my favorite things on the web.

1. Key and Peele  (Youtube)

key-and-peele (1)

Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, who goes by Key and Peele, are these two African American comedians who have a sketch comedy show on Comedy Central. They are always the main actors on the show. Their skits are very simple, but they stretch it out and put a twist on it. They are extremely funny to people who are mature enough for their content. This is because sometimes, their comedy includes racism (mostly against themselves and their race,) jokes against gays (even though one of them is homosexual,) and there is some very minor violence. *Warning: their videos are explicit so instead of embedding the video, I’d rather share you the link to one of their videos;

2. My Spotify playlist

I listen to alternative music and I try to listen to songs that aren’t too popular or on the radio. I don’t have a particularly favorite band, but my music is pretty bomb diggity. Everyone who listens to it thinks its uber good. You can listen any time (working out, studying, passing time.) Just listen, I guarantee you’ll love it.

3. Shopping websites- Jimmyjazz and Karmaloop


Jimmy Jazz and Karma Loop are not very widely known websites. Not many people shop on these websites because they don’t know about it. Their main focus on clothing is street clothes. This includes skating clothes and basketball clothes. It is very cheap and has some dope clothes. I got some very cheap deals on some shoes and shirts. The skating and basketball style have been intertwining the past few months and its a really awesome style.

Jimmy Jazz-

Karma Loop-

4. Nike Release Dates


This Nike website shows you all of the sneakers that are going to drop. From Nike SB to Jordan’s.


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