High School


High School is a major time period for adolescent growth. School is for learning to prepare for your college and career, making friends, and to be social and work with your community of peers. Some of these tasks are accomplished easier for others, for some harder, but it definitely does not come naturally. You have to do this on your own and you gotta want it.

One has learned when they are able to use their knowledge, and apply it to a test and resulting with a good grade. Sometimes all you need to do is cover all your material and look at the meaning behind it to do well in your class. But in many cases, like mine, there are some teachers are very unfair. I’m sure we all had that one teacher who forgot to mention about a test that was to be taken the next day, or that one teacher who doesn’t teach you crap about something that was going to be on your test. I’ve been there, and I feel you. The only way to get through this is to work with what little you got, always be ready for anything that’ll be thrown at you, and to have a group of friends that are going through the same problem as you.


There are an infinite amount of opportunities for high school participation with a group of people. Every school has a giant variety of sports. There are also artistic teams like choir, band, and dance team. If you aren’t the athletic or artistic type, there are clubs that can range from community service club, to anime club, to academic decathlon. When you are in a group, they become your family and you really bond with them because you share common interest. There should be no reason for someone not to be in a group because there is a group for everyone’s interests.


Making friends is uber important in high school, obviously. You need friends for your social health. When you meet the right people, they are always there for you when you are feeling down. Also you guys are friends because you share common interest. Finally, you share feelings to friends because one cannot keep their thoughts to themselves.


This blog post is taken from my personal experience with high school and i hope everybody enjoys how I see high school. Please comment below your perspective on high school.


Think about it,

Dustin Tran


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