“High School Goals” Part 1: Clubs

I am in Key Club, Vietnamese student association club, video broadcast class (BBN), and golf. These groups are absolutly amazing! I love everybody in all these groups and I will get more in detail about each one later. As of right now, i’m in the lowest position in all of them (which is not a bad thing at all!) but my goal for my high school career is to become a higher position. This blog post is part one of “High School Goals.”

I want to start off part 1 by talking about the two clubs I am in; Key Club and Vietnamese student Association. First, Key club is a very large community service club that has many members in it. My school has approximately 212 members which is bonkers! Key club is very complex and large in all of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. I could do a 2000 word blog post on the large Key club system of schools, districts, regions, etc. but I don’t want to get to far into detail in this blog. Anyways, Key Club is the first club I joined and it overwhelmed me with how awesome it is. All of the members of the club are super friendly and the board members are uber awesome and helpful. I am currently a member in the club, but I believe that I can do more. My goal is to be club historian (board position where the person records events and takes pictures.) I think this position is good for me because I started photography and videography last year and I have experience from my video broadcast class, also I will attend all of the events. It is going to be very challenging to achieve my goal because there is so much competition, but what sets me apart from others is that I want it more than them. Secondly, I really enjoy VSA because my Vietnamese culture is a big part in my life. In this generation Vietnamese culture is dying right now and I want to stick to my roots so that is why I joined VSA. Unfortunately, this club has not done much things related to the Vietnamese culture. I’m not sure why, It may be that it is very hard to do so because there are not many events that we could volunteer that is Vietnamese related. Also, this club is mostly made of seniors. I would say 70% but i’m not sure. So next year, all of the Seniors will leave, and there will be a very minimal amount of recurring members. Therefore, my goal is to work very hard and hopefully get a board position so I can plan many Vietnamese events and recruit many members in this club. I truly believe these goals can be achieved because I want it really badly.

“When one is determined, they are unstoppable.”- Dustin Tran 2k14


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