Stop Complaining

I had inspiration for this this blog post when I did this activity in my English class. We were to rant about anything that made us angry for one minute. Everybody who was called up to rant seemed to have something to complain about, except me. I had no clue what i was going to rant about. As I was called up, I totally made up something along the lines of how annoying facebook notifications were. It was bad because other people had more detail. I honestly didn’t care until i glanced back behind me where my teacher was grading. I saw a long list of A’s and my single B. I was really frustrated. After I walked out of class, I realized that I don’t complain about anything.

stop_complainingYou see, in golf, your goal is to hit the ball in the hole in as little of hits as possible. So hitting the ball in 3 hits, it is better than hitting it in 5. A lot of the times, people slip, and hit the ball really bad, and it goes into the sand or behind a bunch of trees. Most people would respond to this by throwing their golf club and become very frustrated. They have so much anger built up, and when they go to hit the ball, they consequently mess up. But when I hit a bad ball, I am a slightly disappointed, however, I mostly think about how i’m going to recover and bounce back from that situation. Because of this, I learn from my mistakes and I improve. I know it sounds cheesy but it is true. This is a very good mindset to have.

When I used to play basketball and I missed my first free throw, I would pound myself and get so distracted when I shot my next one. The other day, I got my test back and I recieved a grade that I wasn’t happy with. I didn’t get mad at myself, I studied harder for the upcoming test.

You can’t change what happened, the past is over so focus on the present.


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