Story Time: Robo-Fighting

(I’m changing it up a bit by doing a story themed blog and including a drawing. style)


November 20, 2500

Hello, my name is Mo G, and this is going to be my first diary post! I live in North Sift, the center of robo-mechanics. People from all around the world come to compete in the famous Robot Brawls. The goal is to create a robot and use it to compete in battle against others. The winner receives funding from DiTech, a powerful Robot engineering company. I want to win so badly, however, I am only 15 years old and my family is not very wealthy compared to the other competitors.

10811553_315751155297010_573822445_nThe robot I created (funded by my parents) is called, Cr-7. It has a close quarters combat style. It’s main attacking tool is its combat blades that can penetrate and puncture through armor and it’s powerful cathode ray that can electrocute other bots. But Cr-7’s most powerful feature is it’s flamer thrower attached to its chest. Cr-7 can battle in any terrain with its mobility and light weight.

Although my robot can take some 5th class robots down (5th class is recreational robot brawlers), there is no way in earth where my robot can advance to the 4th-1st classes. These guys devoted their lives to Robot mechanics and go to schools like Harvard and Cal Tech. My robot costed approximately $25,000 to build, when theirs come out to be from $500,000-$10 million. Cr-7 couldn’t even put a dent into one of them.

10799752_315751145297011_500883164_nThe champion for the past 50 years is named Hiro Hamada. His robot, Bay Max dominated for 50 years. Each year he gained more powerful modifications. Hiro started Robot brawling when he was 12 years old. He obtained his robot Bay max from his intelligent brother who initially created Bay max as a friendly robot. After nearly saving the world with his robot, Hiro gained heaps of fame and money. This caused him to be corrupt minded and created Bay max into a fighting machine.

Ok I think this is enough writing for one night. See you tomorrow Diary!

PS I saw this flyer on the way home from school:



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