Hey Rain, It’s been a while

It’s been a long time since it has rained here in SoCal. Most people of course are hoping for more because of the drought. But other than that, who doesn’t like rain. It feels amazing to just stand outside in the rain and just take it all in. Feeling each cool drop splash on your face. As i’m standing outside, I think about how natural the water is because it comes from the sky. It is even better to be inside in the rain. That feeling of warmth and coziness when you are in your home during a rainy day. Boy, if I lived in a log cabin with a fire place.log-cabin-home-plans10 I mean don’t get me wrong, I love the rain, but, It can be annoying sometimes. Last week when i was wearing my new Air force 1’s Year of the Horse (copped at Nike store for 50$ during Black Friday,) I had to walk around the wet school. nike-lunar-force-1-low-year-of-the-horse-02-570x427The puddles, the crowds of people trying to get to class stepping on my shoes, the gross wet bathrooms, the squeak squeak my shoes made when i walked in class. I knew that it was going to rain, why did i still wear my shoes? I don’t know, I question myself a lot. Anyways, that is the only problem I have with the rain. There are many tools people need for the rain. The most essential is the weather app which displays the forecast. Also effective clothing consist of a rain coat, rain boots, and an umbrella. When I go to school, I don’t wear that. It’s not my style. I would usually for for a windbreaker hoodie, jeans, and beater shoes. So during the week when it was raining, I went to my English class, and my teacher taught us brainstorming techniques. The topic of the brainstorm was rain. One of the questions he asked was what do you picture in your head when it rains. Well, I picture myself in New York. I believe its Time square. I’m wearing a dark rain coat with a clear umbrella. It’s very dark outside.


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