Success and failure

How badly do you want it? How badly do you want to succeed? this video, Nick Nguyen wants to succeed really badly. In the video, the narrator explains that you must want to succeed like you want to breath. Although Nick goes through alot of struggles with not making the tennis team and his parents, he still pushes to succeed. He doesn’t sleep because he needs to study, and when he does, he wakes up early and exercises. He also sets goals and practices. In the video, Nick also puts all friends and entertainment aside. This is ALOT of sacrifice. No sleep. No social life. Constantly pushing your mind. Is this worth success? Well in the future, Nick will probably go on to be very successful because he put the work in it. However, not all people want to take this path.

Wanting to succeed is life style. There are some people who go on in life wanting to have fun and there are others who succeed. A real person who is going to succeed isn’t trying to succeed for anyone else, they want to succeed for themselves. They want to be the very best they can.

There are a lot of things that upset me. The other day i was walking with my friend around school. he said to me, “Darn, i got to get my grade up to a B so my parents can get me a skateboard.” My friend had absolutely no care about getting the best grade for himself. Also, there are many people who don’t do any extracurricular. Anyone can join a club! There are clubs for anyone: gamers, artist, anime-watchers.

“I have always believed, and I still believe, that whatever good or bad fortune may come our way we can always give it meaning and transform it into something of value.” – Hermann Hesse

I am scared of failure: scared of setbacks, scared of making mistakes. We all are. However, failure is what makes you better. If no one has ever failed, then they never become better. If you don’t fail, then you will never learn. Failure is the stepping stone to greatness.  In the song Stronger, Kelly Clarkson sings her infamous line: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Say you just lost in a game of basketball. Your opponent beat you because he kept driving the ball inside. So now you know what his go-to moves are so you practice your defense and prepare against him the next time. In order to come back from mistakes, you must admit and accept the mistake you made. If you just ignore your mistakes and keep going on, you will be bound to make that mistake again. I know what you are thinking, “Dustin, its easier said than done.” And that is true! It’s very hard to accept that you made a mistake, and its going to take along time to learn from that mistake. But are you willing to sacrifice that time and effort to succeed?

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