Reading, a pastime or a chore?

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I used to hate reading. On my free time, rarely did I go read for fun, and the only book I read was the one assigned to me at school. A lot of people are just like me. I’d say about 9/10 high school students do not read for fun. WHY!? Because of teachers. Reading is supposed to be fun! “An escape from reality,” says 1/10 of the students who do actually enjoy reading. But how can we have fun with reading, when teachers make it a chore. Continue reading

Bragging vs. Owning

I decided to make my first blog post on this topic because it is very easy to write about because I used be a Bragger, now I am a Owner.

It’s natural for people to share. Everybody shares, whether its on social media, or in person. Most people these days have a Facebook and Twitter, in which they follow or friend another person to see what they post, and your friends see what you post. Even simply telling your parents about your day is sharing. Sharing lets other people know who you are and what you do. It’s also very unhealthy to keep  everything bottled up. Although there are different ways of sharing, this blog post will focus on two similar types of sharing; bragging and owning.

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